Framework to Unlock the Power of Web3

Significantly reduce the amount of development time by using Logosphere’s code generated API, leveraging a Layer 2 data sharing ecosystem with  a decentralized semantic graph database.

Easy to Use Framework

Logosphere provides an easy-to-use, flexible, open source framework generating your application back-end, customized to your business domain from JSON schema; allowing you to seamlessly deploy in “one-click” and have the powers of an on-chain, decentralized, knowledge graph database at your fingertips. 



Dynamic, Interoperable Data

Logosphere makes storing off-chain data easy by utilizing our partner’s knowledge graph database, FlureeDB. This enables companies to connect to a myriad of data is from other domains. Make your DApp speak the same language with other DApps, using common semantic standards, such as 

Decentralized off-chain data deserves the same security and preservation of truth as layer 1 chains. Native “time travel” brings transparency allowing users to see data changes at any given point in time.

Multi-chain Functionality

Logosphere and is built in a modular manner that supports being chain agnostic enabling dApps across various chains to exchange data in a secure manner. 

We started with the Cardano as it is aligned closely with our values. Being a financial operating system with a mission to make the world better by solving issues such as high energy consumption, uncertain transaction fees, and security vulnerabilities. The steeper development curve made it the perfect Logosphere candidate.

Logosphere is in Pre-Alpha. Sign up for early access!